Glitter polish is so much fun to wear but sometimes it can be a real pain to remove. 

Here are a couple tips to help in removing glitter polish:

Instead of using a cotton ball with your polish remover, try using a piece of felt instead. Felt can be purchased at craft stores or any store that sells craft items, such as Walmart. The felt doesn't shred like a cotton ball does and will allow you to remove the polish without ending up with a shredded cotton ball mess.

Try the foil method of removal. You will need polish remover, aluminum foil, and cotton balls/cotton rounds/etc. You saturate the cotton ball (or whichever cotton item you are using) and place it on top of your nail. You then cover the end of your finger with the aluminum foil. I find it easier to do one hand completely before moving on to the other. After 4-5 minutes, press down on the aluminum foil above your nail while twisting the piece off. Most, if not all, of the glitter polish should be removed. If you are frugal like me, I flip over the cotton balls I just used and re-saturate them to use on the other hand. I also reuse the aluminum foil on my other hand as well. You'll want to wash your hands after this method and thoroughly moisturize your hands and cuticles as polish remover tends to dry out your hands and cuticles.