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After his aunt and uncle were the last to leave the house, Felix shut the screen door and quickly loosened the tie that had been bothering him all morning. The wake for his mother was nice. Everyone brought a lot of food and said nice things, but the whole experience was still very surreal for Felix. He sat on her sofa in silence. He remembered their last conversation; a phone call where they argued over something he couldn't even remember anymore. He looked over at the urn, still on display on the bar, and apologized to her. Now that everyone had left and the house wasn't filled with noise, mom's cat Pepper came out of hiding. She slowly walked over to the sofa and jumped on Felix's lap. He smiled and rolled his eyes. That cat hated him for years, and now all they had were each other. He rubbed her head and behind the ears. After a few minutes, she jumped down and walked over to the front door and started scratching at the screen, meowing loudly. Felix stood up and walked over. He opened the screen to a cold draft. He waited for Pepper to run outside but she didn't. "Change your mind," he asked her. She looked up at him, meowed and walked off into the hallway and into his mom's bedroom. Felix followed after Pepper, curious about the bedroom where he brought his mom breakfast every Saturday morning right before cartoons. He had tried his best to make her forget about dad leaving. The room was colder than usual but just the way he remembered it, save for the flat screen he bought her 2 years ago was still in the box against the wall. The screen door slammed, which startling Felix. He walked out of the room and timidly called our "hello". There was silence save for the outdoor sounds of neighborhood children playing and a lawnmower. As he reached the door, he stopped when he saw a strange mist in front of it. The mist stood there outside the door, barely circulating around, until a small breeze picked it up and carried it away. Felix watched it go away, brushing away the tears from his face and smiling.

Wraith is a dusty burgundy brown linear holo.

The polish is full sized (15 mL) or mini sized (5 mL) and is 3-Free. Full sized bottles contain two stainless steel mixing balls and minis contain one.

Photo 1 is courtesy of Cosmetic Sanctuary
Photo 2 is courtesy of Punchflavor on IG
Photo 3 is courtesy of Potions in Motion

Note: Lego ghost does not come with the mini polish.

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