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White Noise


With a click of a button, the slow churning sound of a reel tape recorder began to fill the small room. Two microphones were plugged in with one placed on the other side while Michael held the other in his hand. He let it run for a few minutes without moving or speaking and just stared at the other corner of the room. A flash of a memory shot through his mind. It was Patricia lying there when he found her. He winced and kept his eyes shut. That memory haunted him for too long. “Patricia….” he whispered into the his microphone. “Patricia, are you here with me,” he asked to the room. It was silent. “Are you here with me” he asked again. “Why did you have to leave me” he asked. Michael kept asking the same questions over and over again for a few minutes before throwing the microphone down in frustration. He thought he could do this but wound up feeling stupid. He wiped away the small bit of tear that had built up in his eyes, got up, and walked out of the room to go to bed. His footsteps faded away and all that remained was the churning of the reel tape. A voice whispered “I’m sorry” into the microphone.

White Noise is a clear base glitter topper with various sizes and shapes of black and silver holographic glitter.

The polish is full sized (15 mL) or mini sized (5 mL) and is 3-Free. Full sized bottles contain two stainless steel mixing balls and minis contain one.

All photos show White Noise layered over different colored bases.

Photo 1 is courtesy of Punch Flavor on IG

Photo 2 is courtesy of Colorful Crack

Photo 3 is courtesy of 4 Boys 1 Mom Lacquer

Photo 4 is courtesy of Lethal Lacquer

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