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Starkweather Pops


The six hour drive was exhausting but Maria had finally reached Sommer Grove, out in the middle of nowhere. She could feel all of the watchful eyes and quiet whisperings as she made her way through this desolate town, into the only grocery store, and onward towards her mission. Maria had inherited a strange Victorian house just outside of Sommer Grove, encapsulated deep in what seemed like a never-ending forest. Maria instantly felt uneasy as she entered the house. There was a chill in the air that made all of the cobwebs on the walls and furniture dance slowly. Maria walked into the kitchen and uncovered the large bay window to let some much needed light into the house. She set her one back of groceries down and pulled out her milk and a box of Corn Pops, her favorite dinner. She sat down at the kitchen table and poured her bowl of cereal, all while contemplating her next move. Unfortunately, Maria was completely unaware of the masked figure in the other room, hiding in the shadows and quietly watching her eat her cereal.

This polish has a white base with various sizes and shapes of yellow glitter. It is 3-free with 4 stainless steel mixing balls (mini bottles contain 2). Larger sized glitter may require some extra patience retrieving them from the bottle. Due to the size of some glitters, settling may occur. Turning the bottle upside down for a few minutes and then shaking prior to application will help.

For opacity, the polish may require up to three coats.

Picture 1 is courtesy of Rainey Day Nails.

Picture 2 is courtesy of MommiesManis.

Picture 3 is courtesy of Adventures and Mishaps in the Land of Nail Polish.

NOTE: The Brachiosaurus does not come with the mini polish. Thanks ;)

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