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Another day had past with no sign. Liam still had a few days left before he needed to return back home to work, which he had not thought about for what seemed like years. He was back at the cabin where he lost Melissa, where she disappeared without a trace some time ago. No letter, no phone call, no body. Since then, Liam made as many trips back to the cabin as he could. He started with the cabin by searching every corner of it, but nothing turned up. He then took his search throughout the surrounding woods, as far as 5 miles out around the entire cabin, never going past the only bridge in or out of the area. He knew the police already searched the entire nearby lake, but Liam would frequently make dives in as well. As the day reached dusk, he pulled himself out of yet another empty hole in the ground. Liam had now taken his search to the ground, hitting any areas that were soft for digging. He was tired and covered in dirt. The walk to the cabin was short, but slow enough to be filled with daydreams. Melissa's last words were "be careful" when he left that night to go to the only convenient store nearly 30 minutes away. He looked back at her and smiled, but everyday he wished he had took a second to walk back and kiss her. As Liam approached the cabin, he stopped when the front door creaked open. It momentarily concerned him, but he quickly disregarded it once he noticed that the wind had picked up. He walked into the cabin, closed the door, and took his muddy boots off. A fire was already build with logs he had cut and had now illuminated the inside with dancing light and shadows all about. The last full whiskey bottle was pulled out of the small liquor cabinet beside the fireplace, along with a glass from the kitchen. Three drinks later, Liam could only still think of Melissa. He wondered where she was and if she were thinking of him. He didn't realize that she was right there with him, thinking about him. She sat there wishing she had not asked him to leave that night to go to the store for her. Wishing he had not crashed at that bridge. She started to cry into her hoodie, unaware of the glass on the table slowly moving a couple of inches.

Spirits is a golden olive linear holo.

The polish is full sized (15 mL) or mini sized (5 mL) and is 3-Free. Full sized bottles contain two stainless steel mixing balls and minis contain one.

Photo 1 is courtesy of Cosmetic Sanctuary
Photo 2 is courtesy of Punchflavor on IG
Photo 3 is courtesy of Gnarly Gnails

Note: Zero ghost does not come with the mini polish.

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