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Potato Cakes


"Welcome to Surly Curly's. How may I help you today?" Janey Glenn's summer was almost over and nearly every day of it was spent at the cursed Surly Curly's that she worked at. "Here's your order of Chicken Thighs and Curly's Fries, sir", she said as she handed the customer his tray of greasy food. A whole, entire summer wasted, she thought to herself. Her senior year of high school starts in less than a week and she couldn't help but thinking she was going from one hell to the next. You know what, she thought, I am going to make the best of this and everything is going to be great. She had almost a full week before school started and there were plenty of fun and exciting things she could get into before then. Just as Janey reached the end of her epiphany, Rick Morehouse came into the restaurant. Rick was the man of her dreams; her ultimate desire, and here he was about to order food from Janey and flippin' Surly Curly's. Janey was ready to die, but she remembered her new positive approach to things and greeted Rick with a smile. Rick smiled back and said "Hey Janey, how are you". Floored that Rick knew her name, Janey fumbled her words and could barely muster a hello. Again, she wanted to die. Rick smiled at her and placed his order, a chocolate milkshake. Janey went over to the milkshake machine to pour him one. The machine began to shake and make a loud clunking sound. Janey looked back at Rick and smiled, while elbowing it to make it stop acting up. The shaking and sounds stopped and the shake began to pour into the cup. Relieved, Janey looked at Rick to smile at him again, but when she turned back towards the machine, the spout exploded and shot milkshake all over Janey's face, covering every bit of her. Against the backdrop of laughter that flooded the restaurant, Janey refrained from looking back at Rick and just stood there quietly, reflecting over the day and the events leading up to this moment. FML, she thought, FML.

This polish has a burnt orange crelly base with various sizes and shapes of white, green, and gold glitter. It is 3-free with 4 stainless steel mixing balls (mini bottles contain 2). Larger sized glitter may require some extra patience retrieving them from the bottle. Due to the size of some glitters, settling may occur. Turning the bottle upside down for a few minutes and then shaking prior to application will help.

For opacity, the polish may require up to three coats.

Picture 1 is courtesy of Gnarly Gnails.

Picture 2 is courtesy of ColorSplash Nails.

Picture 3 is courtesy of Polish Monster.

NOTE: Parasaurolophus does not come with the mini polish. Thanks ;)

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