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¿Oye Chula?


After falling out of the boat, I began to sink to the bottom of the ocean. The light from the top grew dimmer and I struggled to keep my eyes open. I start to feel the darkness overtake me but then I wake up before I can die in my dream. That moment where I almost drowned seemed like ages ago, and maybe it was. I lost track of time awhile back. I looked up towards the sun to see where it was. It was still early in whatever day it was. I could see Samuel walking up with some fruit, It looked like he had been up for awhile. "Brought us breakfast, Harv. It's fruit again." Sam was the one that saved me from plummeting towards my death at sea. He was Debra's younger brother. She didn't want to take him out on the trip because she didn't think he could handle it in his condition, but I persuaded her to bring him because I knew it would have been good for him to have some fun and not be lonely. Now it was just the two of us on this island. Debra was gone. Dave and Laura were gone too. Every night, Sam still asks me if they're out there looking for the two of us. I lie to him and say yes and that they'll find us any day now. He always looks comforted for a little while but I can tell that he's smart enough to know that I'm just trying to make him feel better. We don't say anything else to each other until the next day when Samuel brings fruit over. The moment he sits down and we start to eat, Sam usually asks a random question that leads us to a conversation. Today was no exception. "What do you miss most about home, Harv?" I sat there and thought about it. I told him about the young village girl that walked with us to the boat and asked me a hundred questions in spanish about our boat trip. I was the only one who spoke spanish so I answered all of them for her until we pulled away from the port and she waved goodbye to me. I told Sam I missed that moment because that was the closest I'll probably come to being a father. "Pizza", Samuel said immediately after I stopped telling my story. "I miss pizza the most." I smiled at him, shook the hair on top of his head and went back to eating my breakfast.

¿Oye Chula? is a grey linear holographic polish with a purple flash.

The polish is full sized (15 mL) or mini sized (5 mL) and is 3-Free. Full sized bottles contain two stainless steel mixing balls and minis contain one.

Photo 1 is courtesy of Sassy Paints

Photo 2 is courtesy of Polished Jess

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