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The bright lights of the city illuminated the late night. The streets were empty save for the black Charger that owned them. In it was the driver with no name. The one who punished those who played with fire. On the day he lost everything, he changed. He changed into something dark, something sinister. Those who took everything paid with their lives, but it didn’t stop afterwards. There were more. The driver soon lost his identity and adapted this new one. Everything bright had been sucked away, with only black and white remaining. The Charger stopped abruptly in front of a gas station where a group was laughing as one of their own pulled the attendant out of the building and into the lot, beating him along the way. The entire group joined in, kicking the young man who tried shielding himself until he finally stopped moving. Everyone laughed, high-fiving each other or downing whatever alcoholic drink they were holding. They were unaware that the driver was already out of his car and standing behind them with his favorite knives in each hand.

Nosferatu is a black, white, and grey microglitter with a touch of holo microglitter.

The polish is full sized (15 mL) or mini sized (5 mL) and is 3-Free. Full sized bottles contain two stainless steel mixing balls and minis contain one.

All photos show Nosferatu over different base colors of polish.

Photo 1 is courtesy of Punch Flavor on IG

Photo 2 is courtesy of Colorful Crack

Photo 3 is courtesy of 4 Boys 1 Mom Lacquer

Photo 4 is courtesy of Lethal Lacquer

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