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Estoy Loco por Ti


Pots crashed to the floor inside the restaurant downstairs. Ignacio rolled off his bed in excitement. "Ay! Chingada!," he exclaimed as he landed on the floor. The Italian family who ran the restaurant downstairs had closed it up and left for the night hours ago. "Gato...gato," he called out for Mandilon, his cat. He heard the crash again downstairs. This time it was the sound of glass breaking. "Pinche gato," he muttered under his breath as he raced to grabbed Mandilon's carrier and a flashlight. Ignacio put on his slippers and made his way out of his room and down the stairs to the restaurant in his onesie pajamas. "Gato....gato," he whispered loudly without wondering why he needed to whisper in the first place. Once he reached the side door to the kitchen, the noises inside stopped. He unlocked the door and went inside of the kitchen. He immediately stepped on broken glass and yelped. "Bastardo mullido," he said as he brushed the bits of glass off his slippers. A dull growl ruminated from behind him where the stove resided. Ignacio turned around and flashed his light on monstrous rat. It was as tall as Ignacio, who was barely 5 feet, but regardless, a 5 foot rat was still a pretty big deal. Ignacio let out an effeminate scream which was answered by a magnificent roar from the rat. Saliva and blood flew from its mouth as it roared, much of which hit Ignacio on his face to his dismay. Human fingers flew out of its mouth as well, causing Ignacio to scream even louder. The kitchen fell silent as the covered window above the dishwashing sink swung open, and the alleyway street light illuminated the room. Ignacio looked up towards the window and with excitement, he yelled "Mandilon!" Looking very heroic, Mandilon jumped from the window and onto the mutated monster rat, swatting it repeatedly on its mutated face. Mandilon jumped off but continued swatting at the rat, causing it to back up and fall into the frier, which Ignacio had conveniently turned on. The mutated monster rat's screams filled the room as it sunk towards the bottom of the fryer. "Gracias, Mandilon," Ignacio said turning around to pet his cat, only to see Mandilon was already devouring tomorrow's special. "Por que, Mandilon? POR QUE??"

Estoy Loco por Ti is a pale blue linear holographic polish with blue micro flakes and gold shimmer.

The polish is full sized (15 mL) or mini sized (5 mL) and is 3-Free. Full sized bottles contain two stainless steel mixing balls and minis contain one.

Photo 1 is courtesy of Sassy Paints

Photo 2 is courtesy of Polished Jess

Photo 3 is courtesy of Ermahgerd Perlish

Photo 4 is courtesy of Nailed the Polish

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