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Emo Party


Kenneth put the lid down on the toilet and sat down, nervously shuffling around while the party went on outside the bathroom he ran into to hide. It was the middle of summer and Deb Snyder's party was the talk amongst everyone for the last two weeks and tonight was the night. Everyone was dancing and drinking and having the best time of their lives. Greg Tolan, the school dickhead, was there wearing his popular red Michael Jackson jacket he got last year after the video came out. Kenneth peaked out of the bathroom door and could see Deb down the hall in the living room, laughing and talking to friends. Kenneth was determined to tell Deb how he felt about her before summer ended and senior year started, but couldn't muster up the courage to pull himself out from hiding in the bathroom just yet. Every moment didn't feel like the right Greg was already drunk and probably looking to bash a nerd or two. Just then, the DJ put on Kenneth's song. It was the latest single "Drive" from The Cars; the one that makes him think of Deb every time. This was a sign, Kenneth thought to himself. It was time for him to stop being a coward and make his move....just as soon as Greg walked away. Kenneth came out of the bathroom and slowly made his way up to Deb in the middle of her living room. As he came up to her, she looked at him and smiled. "Hello, Deb".

This polish has a gray crelly base with holographic shimmer with various sizes and shapes of red and black glitter. It is 3-free with 4 stainless steel mixing balls (mini bottles contain 2). Larger sized glitter may require some extra patience retrieving them from the bottle. Due to the size of some glitters, settling may occur. Turning the bottle upside down for a few minutes and then shaking prior to application will help.

For opacity, the polish may require up to three coats.

Picture 1 is courtesy of ColorSplash Nails.

Picture 2 is courtesy of Gnarly Gnails.

Picture 3 is courtesy of Polish Monster.

NOTE: Bomb does not come with the mini polish. Thanks ;)

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