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Blur the Technicolor


Annabelle jolted awake. She closed her eyes for only a second and now it was nighttime. She stood up in the back of her dad’s pick-up truck and looked around. The wind had picked up and she could hear it all around her softly shaking the grass throughout the field and through the surrounding forest. The stars in the sky as well as the crescent moon illuminated everything enough to where she didn’t need to pull her flashlight out from the glove box. She pulled the small cooler closer to her and opened it. There were still a couple of beers left and still cold even though the ice had melted into water. She popped the cap off, took a swig and stared up at the sky. A memory instantly popped up. It was the one where Anna got suspended from school for punching Sophia Carson in the face during volleyball practice. Anna couldn’t remember why but it was something she said about her mother. Anna’s mother had only been gone for a year, but the wounds had not healed yet, so she punched her. Annabelle was so worried over what dad would say after he found out but he never said anything. As soon as she walked into the house, he grabbed a six-pack from the fridge and took her out to this field. They sat in the back all night, just hanging out. Annabelle drifted back to reality. She looked at the clock on her phone. It was already midnight. She grabbed her cooler and dad’s urn as she climbed out of the truck to head back home.

Blur the Technicolor is a grey crelly loaded with various sizes and shapes of white, black, and grey glitter with micro holo glitter.

The polish is full sized (15 mL) or mini sized (5 mL) and is 3-Free. Full sized bottles contain two stainless steel mixing balls and minis contain one.

Photo 1 is courtesy of Punch Flavor on IG

Photo 2 is courtesy of Colorful Crack

Photo 3 is courtesy of 4 Boys 1 Mom Lacquer

Photo 4 is courtesy of Lethal Lacquer

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