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  • Image of Apple Jack The Ripper
  • Image of Apple Jack The Ripper

Apple Jack The Ripper


It was nearly 5 am and Giselle was finally making her way home through the empty streets after finishing her "job". Giselle was an escort, one that was very appreciated at her job. She didn't mind the negative aura an escort had, especially with all of the money she took home from it. She was perfectly fine with doing it day in and day out, getting done at the wee hours of the morning and going home to eat a bowl of Apple Jacks without even batting an eye. The mere thought of cereal was already getting her excited so much that she nearly missed the strange whistling behind her. Giselle turned around quickly, startled. There was nobody around. She called out "hello", but there was only silence. She shrugged and continued walking, wishing she had remembered to bring her Ipod for the walk home. The whistling started again and she stopped. She turned and there was only darkness save for the few streetlights that lit up empty sidewalks and closed businesses. "This isn't funny" she said. Giselle stood there, staring intently at the darkness that surrounded her, hoping her mind was playing tricks on her. It was right then when she began to feel someone breathing on her neck.

This polish has a white base with various sizes and shapes of green glitter. It is 3-free with 4 stainless steel mixing balls (mini bottles contain 2). Larger sized glitter may require some extra patience retrieving them from the bottle. Due to the size of some glitters, settling may occur. Turning the bottle upside down for a few minutes and then shaking prior to application will help.

For opacity, the polish may require up to three coats.

Picture 1 is courtesy of Rainey Day Nails.

Picture 2 is courtesy of MommiesManis.

Picture 3 is courtesy of Adventures and Mishaps in the Land of Nail Polish.

NOTE: Toad does not come with the mini polish. Thanks ;)

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